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CBG, Inc. Statement
CBG is a non-profit, non-denominational, Bible-centered organization that is a chapter of CBA. We believe Romans 10:9 sums it all up: "...if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord", and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." (NIV) As members of CBG, we do the following:

1. We promote the Biblical truth that God is the Creator and Saviour of the world.

2. We foster an awareness of a man's personal accountability to God.

3. We challenge bowhunters to allow the Lordship of Christ to govern their individual lives.

4. We provide help and tools for sharing one's faith in Christ with others.

5. We share the common joy and experience of archery with other Christian bowhunters.

6. We foster faith, fun, and fellowship among the bowhunters from everywhere.

...More About CBG

We are an organized group of men, women, and children who have a common love for God and bowhunting. We are a non-profit group, and

we use our proceeds from the shoots and donations to keep up the range, awards, office supplies, financial help to those in need, and to tithe to

CBA.  We have a board of 4 who do the decision making for the members. They meet once-a-month to discuss new business.

All members and visitors have the opportunity to meet once-a-month for a shoot at the Starrsville Plantation in Covington, Georgia. Our shoots

run from 8am. until 2pm., and the public is invited to all shoots (membership is not required). The shoots for Jr. Eagles are free, $10 for Eagle to

Young Adult, $15 for plaque classes, and $20 for the money class. You can shoot the range just for fun (no awards given) for $10. 

There will be a $30 family max, excluding money class, for parents and kids under 18 years in your immediate family.

We have 20 targets with different animals, and we have many different shooting classes.

These shoots are a contest of sorts to see who can shoot the best. We give out awards for each class won based on the number of participates,

and in January we host a state championship for awards to members and visitors alike in each catagory. Open Money class doesn't receive

awards but a payback of money based on the number of shooters. Among the members, we keep totals of the qualifing shoots, and we issue

awards for the overall winners of each catagory at a January banquet honoring the previous year.

We also offer drinks, lunch, hats, and t-shirts at a reasonable price.

Membership can be easily obtained for $30 a person or $35 a family per year. Renewal of membership is $15 a person or $20 a family per year.

Lifetime membership is also available upon request.

Why should I become a member of Christian Bowhunters of Georgia?

* No paying for the shoots if you help set-up or take-down the range. 
* Shooter-of-the-Year Points race and Annual CBG Banquet
* Newsletter Mailings
* Fellowship and Prayer Support

If you would like more information on joining the club, please come to one of our shoots or call/email a board member,

and they will be glad to get back in touch with you.


Joe Ellington -  President 

Charles Lankford - Vice-President

Christy Childers - Treasurer

Melvin Atha - Supporting Officer

Chris Childers - Supporting Officer

Eric Brazil - Supporting Officer



* Please feel free to contact us by email on the "contacts" page.